First American buying B of A mortgage lien release business

How to get customer service from american home mortgage corp which went out of business? Asked by Noriko, 10708 Tue Jul 12, 2011. Hello. I previously had a mortgage with American Home Mortgage Corp, which I paid off, but they never recorded the payoff and we have no lien release from them.

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R.O.I. Is THE Most Important Thing When Buying Rental Real Estate The first lien on most houses is actually very helpful: your mortgage. A mortgage enables you to afford a house over time instead of paying for the entire cost upfront in cash. It gives many of us something to lean on in order to get a permanent place to put our roots down, become part of the community and maybe raise a family.

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Satisfaction, Release or Cancellation of Mortgage This form is for the satisfaction or release of a mortgage. Download the form required by your State. free law summaries are available for all States. Try our new Satisfaction of Mortgage Forms Package and Save!

First American Financial Acquires Bank of America’s Lien Release Business Operations and Assets. The acquisition enhances First American Mortgage Solutions’ first rate post-closing and document management proficiency and complements its ability to serve the lender, servicer, and investor communities.

A state tax lien is a serious financial matter. If you have credit problems in addition to a state tax lien, you must address back taxes first, as liens are the most damaging to your financial health.

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Mike and Damian lay out what happened: Howard and Brady’s aides spent weeks working together to add to the bill a “homeownership tax credit,” which essentially would have replaced the mortgage..

"We’re excited to soon welcome the Bank of America lien release team to First American," said Dennis J. Gilmore, chief executive officer at First American Financial Corporation.

2ND mortgage lien released with out paying (loan, real estate, garnishment). selling the house and 2 days before closing the title company came back and said there’s an unreleased lien on the 2nd mortgage. Homeq is out of business and Ocwen was the original lienholder who transferred 2nd.

BofA sold the second mortgage to Household Finance, which then was sold or became part of HSBC. The BofA short sale has now been put on hold until we can get a payoff on the hsbc loan; however, after many weeks of researching this with HSBC, the attorney, the seller and myself have been transferred from department to department with no luck.