Why False Claims Act enforcement is still vexing under Trump

The Federal False Claims Act is the single most important tool U.S. taxpayers have to recover money stolen through fraud by U.S. government contractors. Why the Law Works The False Claims Act works for a reason: it uses market-based incentives to enlist the private sector in the fight against fraud.

Associate Attorney General Stephen Cox stated at the 2019 Advanced Forum on False Claims and Qui Tam Enforcement, the DOJ is committed to its role as "gatekeeper," to prevent "non-meritorious" or "abusive" qui tam cases from going forward: Bad cases that result in bad case law inhibit our ability to enforce the False Claims Act in

Why False Claims Act enforcement is still vexing under Trump The year opened with hopes that regulatory and enforcement pressures would abate for the mortgage industry. The reality has turned out quite differently.

Dodd-Frank is not the only whistleblower-friendly law that we should all keep an eye on in the new administration. Even the False Claims Act (FCA), America’s oldest and most established whistleblower law, could undergo a few changes. The Affordable Care Act may be best known for its healthcare components,

"Triple damages under the False Claims Act have to be re-examined," she said during a recent briefing with journalists. The current approach to the enforcement of the False Claims Act has been a significant deterrent for depository institutions doing FHA loans.

Posted in False Claims Act, Trump Administration As discussed previously in this blog , efforts to curb fraud, waste and abuse are generally "bi-partisan." Given the significant monetary recoveries the Government enjoys through enforcement of the federal False Claims Act ("FCA"), we have predicted that efforts in this arena will continue under a Trump administration.

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And this speaks to why False Claims Act activity stays so consistent across administrations. The FCA at its core is a moneymaker for the federal government. In 2015, the government collected more than $3.5 billion from False Claims Act cases. That is the fourth year in a row they topped .5 billion.

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